SUN, Sept 27%%%HPP General Investigators Meeting

Rm: 11
MON, Sept 28%%%C-HPP (Part 1)
Poster Session
7:30 - 09:00 & 16:20-17:30
Exhibit Hall
TUES, Sept 29%%%C-HPP (Part 3)
Principal Investigator Council Meeting
13:15 - 14:15%%%Room 12
Oct 1, Thursday
HPP Post-Congress Day

Venue: SFU Harbour Centre
08:30 - 16:30
(Chaired by Gil Omenn)

8:30: Gathering/coffee

Progress of HPP
09:00: Overview and Metrics
09:20: C-HPP highlights
09:40: B/D-HPP highlights
10:00: PeptideAtlas/neXtProt 2015 updates
10:20: Human Protein Atlas 2015%%%10:40: JPR C-HPP 2015 SI and Highlights
11:30: Lunch break-out Sessions
C-HPP (Rm 18)
B/D-HPP (Rm 19)
13:30: Crowd-Sourcing Prot.
14:00: Testis Proteins
15:00: Membrane Proteins
16:00: Reports from Breakout Session
16:30: Plan of HPP activities
17:00: Adjourn

Details in Appendix 1
(Chaired by Lydie Lane and Peter Horvatovich)

● Session 1: 07:30-09:00 (Chr Odd No. 1, 3, 5….21)
Session 2: 16:20-17:30 (Chr Even No. 2, 4,.22.+X, Y, Mito.)
● Poster Awards (Cash Prize and Award Certificate by HUPO President) will be given to Total 10 Best Outstanding Poster Presenters at the Closing Ceremony.

Details in Appendix 2


MON, Sept 28%%%C-HPP (Part 2)
Bioinformatics Session 13:15 - 14:15%%%Room: 12


(Chair Eric Deutsch)

Topics: “What is sufficient evidence for publishing claims of detection of missing proteins?”
Speakers: Eric Deutsch, Reudi Aebersold and more (details will be updated later).
(Chair: Young-Ki Paik)

● Lunch will be provided to all PIC members and invited members: C-HPP EC, SSAB, Co-PIs)

● Agenda (in part)
- Nomination/Elections of co-Chair, American Rep
- Restructuring the C-HPP groups
- Publication Issues of C-HPP Achievements
- 2016 Plans and more


WED, Sept 30%%%HPP Keynote Session

14:30 - 16:20
Room 11


(Co-chairs: Gil Omenn and William S. Hancock)

Two keynote talks and multiple invited oral presentations.

● Highlights of Sun-Wed HPP
● Strategies for identifying “missing proteins”/ Novel Proteins etc.
● SRM/SWATH-MS: -HPP Deliverables 2016%%%● C-HPP, Cross-Chr PL
● B/D-HPP, Popular/ priority proteins etc
● Antibody Pillar, K.D. Validation Initiative; etc.
● Proposed Crowd-Sourcing Project
● Summary and Discussion of Goals and Deliverables for 2016-2017(All, including SSAB members).


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Appendix 6

HPP Keynote Session, 14:30 - 16:20; Room 11, Tues, Sept 29

Co-chairs: Gil Omenn and William S. Hancock

  • The Progress and Challenges of the HUPO Human Proteome Project - Gilbert Omenn, USA. The presentation in pdf format is available here.
  • Strategic Points for Dealing with Missing Protein Mapping in the C-HPP - Young-Ki Paik, South Korea. The presentation in pdf format is available here.
  • Controlling False Discovery Rates (FDRs) in Genome-Wide Proteomics Datasets - Juergen Cox, Germany.
  • How Does an Extra Chromosome 21 Modulate the Quantitative Human Proteome? - Yansheng Liu, Switzerland.
  • Mining Missing Proteins Base on the Transcriptomics and Proteomics to the Individual Testis Tissues - Qidan Li, China.
  • Call for a Testis-Epididymis Proteome Project - Charles Pineau, France.
  • Refining the Human Proteome: Analyzing Human Tissues by RNA-Seq, Proteomics and Antibodies - Hannes Hahne, Germany.
  • Urinary Proteins Originating Uniquely from Each Nephron Segment - Tadashi Yamamoto, Japan.
  • Detection of Chromosome 16 Missing Proteins - Spanish HPP - Concha Gil, Spain. The presentation in pdf format is available here.

Click here to go the overview of C-HPP activities in HUPO 2015, Vancouver.