Chromosome 14

1.1. Group composition

Participating country(ies): France
Head: Charles Pineau

1.2. Missing proteins

Protein evidence according to NeXtProt for Chromosome 14:
Protein evidence status in text format is available here.

1.3. Bioinformatics protocols

We are developping Proline a data integration framework and a software suite for mass spectrometry based proteomics (software availability: http://proline.profiproteomics.fr/) . Proline algorithms focus on: result validation (using custom filters and target decoy analysis), merge/comparison of datasets and label-free quantification (spectral count and LC-MS analyses).
Contact: christophe.bruley at cea.fr

1.4. Analytical protocols

nano-LC MS-based workflows (Q-exactive plus, Orbitrap XL, Orbitrap Velos-pro, Triple-TOF 5600 and QTrap 4000, 5500 and 6500) for:

  • proteins identification
  • quantitative proteomics
  • targeted analysis
  • top-down analysis

Contact: jerome.garin at cea.fr

1.5. Biological projects

  • Proteomics for testicular pathophysiology, reproductive toxicology and male infertility research projects; contact: charles.pineau at inserm.fr
  • Targeted MS-based assays for a multiplex quantification of liver injury biomarkers candidates in plasma; contact: virginie.brun at cea.fr
  • Infectious diseases (malaria, toxoplasma, lyme disease); contact: ccarapito at unistra.fr

1.6. Biomaterials

1.7. Data sets

  • Missing proteins mapping human chromosome 2 and 14 detected in different samples (tissues, cell type names, type of fraction): PXD002131. Contact: Anne Gonzalez.
  • Missing protein mapping human chromosomes detected in the spermatozoa: PXD002367. Contact: Charles Pineau.
  • Missing protein mapping human chromosomes detected in the spermatozoa: an update: PXD003947. Contact: Yves Vandenbrouck.

1.8. Special expertise

Absolute quantification (PSAQ technology); contact: virginie.brun at cea.fr

1.9. Major achievements

  • Publications
    • PMID: 31429579. Pineau C, Hikmet Noraddin F, Zhang C, Oksvold P, Chen S, Fagerberg L, Uhlén M, Lindskog C. Cell type-specific expression of testis elevated genes based on transcriptomics and antibody-based proteomics. J. Proteome Res. 2019; In Press.
    • PMID: 30130116 . Melaine N, Com E, Bellaud P, Guillot L, Lagarrigue M, Morrice NA, Guevel B, Lavigne R, Velez de la Calle JF, Dojahn J, Pineau C. Deciphering the Dark Proteome: Use of the Testis and Characterization of Two Dark Proteins. J Proteome Res. 2018; 17: 4197-4210.
    • PMID: 28891297. Carapito C, Duek P, Macron C, Seffals M, Rondel K, Delalande F, Lindskog C, Freour T, Vandenbrouck Y, Lane L, Pineau C. Validating missing proteins in human sperm cells by targeted mass spectrometry- and antibody-based methods. J Proteome Res. 2016 Nov 4;15(11):3998-4019.
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    • PMID 26168773. Jumeau F, Com E, Lane L, Duek P, Lagarrigue M, Lavigne R, Guillot L, Rondel K, Gateau A, Melaine N, Guével B, Sergeant N, Mitchell V, Pineau C. Human spermatozoa as a model for detecting missing proteins in the context of the chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project. J. Proteome Res. 2015 Sep 4;14(9):3621-34.
  • Posters and other media
    • Carapito C, Macron C, Duek P, Rondel K, Seffals M, Fréour T, Lindskog C, Vandenbrouck Y, Pineau C, Lane L. Taking up the “neXt50 challenge” using human sperm. 16th Human Proteome Organization World Congress, September 17-21, 2017, Dublin, Ireland. Poster
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1.10. The neXt-MP50 challenge