SUN, Sept 27%%%HPP General Investigators Meeting

Rm: 11
MON, Sept 28%%%C-HPP (Part 1)
Poster Session
7:30 - 09:00 & 16:20-17:30
Exhibit Hall
TUES, Sept 29%%%C-HPP (Part 3)
Principal Investigator Council Meeting
13:15 - 14:15%%%Room 12
Oct 1, Thursday
HPP Post-Congress Day

Venue: SFU Harbour Centre
08:30 - 16:30
(Chaired by Gil Omenn)

8:30: Gathering/coffee

Progress of HPP
09:00: Overview and Metrics
09:20: C-HPP highlights
09:40: B/D-HPP highlights
10:00: PeptideAtlas/neXtProt 2015 updates
10:20: Human Protein Atlas 2015%%%10:40: JPR C-HPP 2015 SI and Highlights
11:30: Lunch break-out Sessions
C-HPP (Rm 18)
B/D-HPP (Rm 19)
13:30: Crowd-Sourcing Prot.
14:00: Testis Proteins
15:00: Membrane Proteins
16:00: Reports from Breakout Session
16:30: Plan of HPP activities
17:00: Adjourn

Details in Appendix 1
(Chaired by Lydie Lane and Peter Horvatovich)

● Session 1: 07:30-09:00 (Chr Odd No. 1, 3, 5….21)
Session 2: 16:20-17:30 (Chr Even No. 2, 4,.22.+X, Y, Mito.)
● Poster Awards (Cash Prize and Award Certificate by HUPO President) will be given to Total 10 Best Outstanding Poster Presenters at the Closing Ceremony.

Details in Appendix 2


MON, Sept 28%%%C-HPP (Part 2)
Bioinformatics Session 13:15 - 14:15%%%Room: 12


(Chair Eric Deutsch)

Topics: “What is sufficient evidence for publishing claims of detection of missing proteins?”
Speakers: Eric Deutsch, Reudi Aebersold and more (details will be updated later).
(Chair: Young-Ki Paik)

● Lunch will be provided to all PIC members and invited members: C-HPP EC, SSAB, Co-PIs)

● Agenda (in part)
- Nomination/Elections of co-Chair, American Rep
- Restructuring the C-HPP groups
- Publication Issues of C-HPP Achievements
- 2016 Plans and more


WED, Sept 30%%%HPP Keynote Session

14:30 - 16:20
Room 11


(Co-chairs: Gil Omenn and William S. Hancock)

Two keynote talks and multiple invited oral presentations.

● Highlights of Sun-Wed HPP
● Strategies for identifying “missing proteins”/ Novel Proteins etc.
● SRM/SWATH-MS: -HPP Deliverables 2016%%%● C-HPP, Cross-Chr PL
● B/D-HPP, Popular/ priority proteins etc
● Antibody Pillar, K.D. Validation Initiative; etc.
● Proposed Crowd-Sourcing Project
● Summary and Discussion of Goals and Deliverables for 2016-2017(All, including SSAB members).


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Appendix 1

Sunday, Sept 27, HPP General Investigators’ Meeting, Room: 11

(Last updated: 20 September, 2015)

8:30: Gathering/coffee/interactions within groups & SSAB

9:00-10:40 Progress of the Human Proteome Project

9:00 Gil Omenn: Overview and Metrics. This presentation in pdf format is available here.
9:20 Young-Ki Paik: C-HPP highlights. This presentation in pdf format is available here.
9:40 Jennifer van Eyk: B/D-HPP highlights
10:00 Eric Deutsch & Lydie Lane: PeptideAtlas and neXtProt 2015 updates. The presenation of Lydie Lane is available here, while the presentation of Eric Deutsch is available here. Both presentations are in pdf format.
10:20 Mathias Uhlen & Emma Lundberg: Human Protein Atlas 2015. The presentation in pdf format is available here.

10:40-11:30 Highlights of the JPR C-HPP 2015 special issue, with brief presentations by several authors

Bill Hancock, Chris Overall, Eric Deutsch, Young-Ki Paik, Gil Omenn.

  • Ulrich Eckhard (Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada): Recent Progress on TAILS N-terminomics. This presentation is available in pdf format here.
  • Pengyuan Yang (Fudan Univ., Shanghai, China): Finding missing proteins from epigenetically manipulated human cell lines.
  • Ping Xu (BPRC, Beijing, China): Special enrichment strategies for missing proteins.
  • Peter Horvatovich (Univ. of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands): In vitro transcription/translation system: a versatile tool. This presentation is available here.

11:30-13:30 Lunch and Breakouts: (Lunch will be served in the foyer)

Breakout session 1: C-HPP working session with lunch, led by Young-Ki Paik (Rm 18). See Appendix 1A.
Breakout session 2: B/D-HPP working session with lunch, led by Jennifer van Eyk & Fernando Corrales (Rm 19)
Members of the resource pillars will go to these breakouts.

13:30 Crowd-Sourcing Project on Plasma Proteome Variation

Proposed Crowd-Sourcing Project on Plasma Proteome Variation, a multiplex SRM/SWATH-MS analysis of priority proteins in HUPO Volunteers (Micheal Snyder)
Initial comments from Senior Scientific Advisory Board (Snyder et al). Presentation of Micheal Snyder is avilable here in pdf format.

14:00 Panel on the Testis Proteome: highly enriched for missing proteins

Charles Pineau (France, presentation is available here), Siqi Liu (China, presentation in pdf format is available here), Ghasem Salekdeh (Iran), Cecilia Lindskog (Sweden)

15:00 Panel on Membrane Proteins: special challenges

YuJu Chen (Taiwan), Takeshi Tomonaga (Japan), Akhilesh Pandey (USA), Mathias Uhlen, (Sweden); Lead Discussant: Alexey Nesvizhskii

16:00 Reports from Breakout Sessions (C-HPP and B/D-HPP leaders)

16:30 Discussion of Plan of HPP activities for the week

20 morning B/D-HPP and C- HPP workshops (M-T-W); Mon lunchtime C-HPP Bioinformatics workshop, Tues Early Career Researchers session, Tues lunchtime C-HPP PI mtg, Tues HPP Congress scientific session, post- Congress HPP Next Steps Thursday Workshop.

17:00 Adjourn

Appendix 1A

Agenda for the C-HPP Break-out Session

(Moderated by Young-Ki Paik, Bill Hancock and Lydie Lane)

Part I: Opening Stimulatory Talk: New ideas for missing protein study?

11:30 Use of mouse peptides/tissues for validation of human missing proteins
Christoph H. Borchers, University of Victoria - Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre

11:45 Q & A

Part II: Update on the C-HPP Restructuring Initiative

11:50 Introduction & Guidance for Group Discussion

Group Chromosome Team Remarks
IVTT 5, 10, 15, 16, 19
Cancer 1, 8, 20, 9, 11, 13 (12, 17 can be joined) (Liver, Lung and CRC) China-Korea Alliance
Reproduction Disease 2, 14, X, Y
Membrane Proteins 4, 7, 18 (more)

11:50 Introduction & Guidance for Group Discussion

12:00 Group Discussion with Lunch
Common agenda to be discussed at each group
Examples: (The followings are just minimum number of items to be discussed)

  1. Organization, Designate discussion leader (spokesperson) within each group
  2. Goal Setting (year 2016; 2017): -Qualitative and quantitative ways
  3. Strategy for coordinated research within group
    1. Sharing reagents (clones, ab, assay) and resources (blood, tissues, cell lines)

Click here to go the overview of C-HPP activities in HUPO 2015, Vancouver.