Dear C-HPP member,

This is the III. newsletter of C-HPP Wiki giving overview on the most important news, updates and announcements concerning C-HPP initiative.

Important events and news reported on the Wiki are the following:

  • Presentations and program of 10th C-HPP Workshop held in Bangkok on 9 August 2014 is available at C-HPP Wiki here.
  • C-HPP related program of coming HUPO 2014, Madrid and following 11th C-HPP Workshop in Segovia is available on the wiki here.
  • Upload all presentation material (slides, posters) on the C-HPP Wiki related to C-HPP activities at HUPO 2014 and following Segovia meeting or send it to Peter Horvatovich.
  • You can also create Wiki pages and upload material related to B/D-HPP meetings or meetings of individual or joint chromosome teams. See example here.

Finally don't forget to update the C-HPP Wiki with your achievements or new resources of your chromosome team! Your contribution for the Wiki is essential to facilitate information exchange between the chromosome teams and enhance collaborations.

With best regards,

Peter Horvatovich
Wiki administrator

PS: if you would like to add a colleague or if you do not wish to receive this newsletter please send me an email. All C-HPP Wiki newsletters are available online here.