Documentation related to ProteomeXchange

1) General information

  1. Tutorial about submission of MS/MS data (via PRIDE).
  2. Web course “How to submit MS/MS data to PX via PRIDE” (EBI E-learning platform).
  3. Download PX submission tool (for submission of MS/MS datasets).
  4. Submissionof SRM datasets to PeptideAtlas/PASSEL. Submission form.
  5. How to get notifications of new ProteomeXchange public datasets.
  6. Browse public PX datasets at ProteomeCentral.
  7. PRIDE home page.
  8. PASSEL home page.

2) Information for bioinformaticians/developers

  1. How to do bulk submissions for MS/MS data.
  2. PX submission tool file format.
  3. PX XML schema.