Wiki Newsletter, 5 volume, 1 issue (April 27, 2017)

Dear C-HPP members,

This is the VII. newsletter (5 volume, 1 issue) of C-HPP Wiki giving overview on the most important news, updates and announcements concerning C-HPP initiative. Please disseminate this Newsletter among your group members and colleagues

Important events and news reported recently on the Wiki are the following:

  • Program of 16th C-HPP Workshop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 10-12, 2016 is available at the wiki here.
  • Program of 17th C-HPP Workshop in 17th C-HPP Workshop in Tehran, Iran, April 27-28, 2017 is available at the wiki here.
  • The reorganization of current C-HPP Consortium into more active working group modules named Missing Protein Annotation Taskforces is available on the Wiki here.
  • The C-HPP Wiki structre include now a section for each chromosome dedicated to "The neXt50 challenge" led by Chris Overall. Summary of plans and results of all chromosomes is available here. Please be active to include your further plans and latest results on this topic!
  • The Human Proteome Project Data Interpretation Guidelines (Version 2.1.0 - July 28, 2016) is available in docx and pdf word formats here, which document is helpful when preparing your submission for the comming JPR special issues (deadline May 30, 2017).
  • To enhance collaboration between chromosome teams, please do not forget to update your Wiki page with your latest research plans and achievements!

Your contribution for the C-HPP Wiki is essential to facilitate information exchange between the chromosome teams and enhance collaborations.

With best regards,

Peter Horvatovich
Wiki administrator