Opinion on C-HPP long-term goals, March 30, 2014

Dear Colleagues

Thank you all for your great supports and participation to our Busan workshop where we have learned, discussed and agreed on may important pending scientific tasks.
We also enjoyed all talks that were well presented by outstanding speakers or their substitutions, reshaping up many current strategies for bridging transcriptomics and proteomics (proteogenomics).
Specail thanks should go to all participants from abroad (Europe, US, Asia) for their time and efforts to make this workshop successful.

Here is ONE action item for you:
As agreed in Busan, we would like to ask you review the atttached proposal on our long term plans and give us your feedbacks by April 7. Please feel free to edit any part of this attached table. If we don't hear from you by then, we assume you agree with the current proposal.

After collecting your opinion, we will make a integrated revised version of long-term plans and will present it at the Bangkok workshop. Please be critical and candid to any of these items based on what you have experienced or learned in the course of C-HPP reserach. If you have any opinion on anything relevant to the C-HPP, pelase let us know thme as well.

The listed below is our summary of workshop agenda given for your reference.

  1. Long-term Gols : need to revise according to survey response from indiviual teams based on the current pace of research
  2. Large Scale MRM: moving well now towards deadline April 18.
  3. Milestone Papers: Go with the revised long term plans
  4. Funding strategy: Use all available resources and tips given by teams of China, Korea and Spain.
  5. ENCODE: Revisit non-long coding RNA with aim of Translation potential
  6. RNA Seq: More efforts on the data acqusition and integration
  7. Update neXtProt, Caper, Transcriptoproteome etc
  8. New strategy for DB construction of non-translating RNAs
  9. Future plans on Bangkok, Madrid and Milano 2015 were well presented to move this project forward.

Thank you again for your support. I hope that some of those who were not able to attend the C-HPP workshop in Busan will make their availability to next workshop in Bangkok Bioinformatics Janboreee (led by Bill Hancock), Aug 9, 2014 (attaached). We will count on you there.

Best Regards
Young-Ki, Gyorgy and Bill

Attachments: Your feedback on the long-term plans.pptx Tentative Plans for the C-HPP Workshop in Bangkok.pptx.