Chromosome 19

1.1. Group composition

Participating country(ies): Mexico
Head: Sergio EncarnaciĆ³n Guevara

1.2. Missing proteins

Protein evidence according to NeXtProt for Chromosome 19:
Protein evidence status in text format is available here.

Initial evidence for proteins with NeXtProt level PE2
Q14773 ProteomeXchange with ID PXD000434 from Lange, Huesgen et al.

1.3. Bioinformatics protocols

1.4. Analytical protocols

1.5. Biological projects

1.6. Biomaterials

1.7. Data sets

PXD000563 Integrated Chromosome 19 Transcriptomic and Proteomic Datasets Derived from Six Glioma-Derived Cancer Stem Cell Lines.

1.8. Special expertise

1.9. Major achievements

Chromosome 19 Team meeting, Salamanca, Spain, October 2-4, 2014

1.10. The neXt-MP50 challenge