Chromosome 11

1.1. Group composition

Participating country(ies): South Korean
Head: Jong Shin Yoo
Members: Young Mok Park: Human Brain Proteome Project Leader, Biological experiments
Kyung-Hoon Kwon : Bioinformatics
Jin Young Kim : LC-MS analysis

1.2. Missing proteins

Protein evidence according to NeXtProt for Chromosome 11:
Protein evidence status in text format is available here.

1.3. Bioinformatics protocols

1.4. Analytical protocols

Offgel fractionation of peptides that were obtained by trypsin digestion of proteins
CID/ETD dissociation and Orbitrap MS/MS analysis
Mascot (v. 2.3) search

1.5. Biological projects

1.6. Biomaterials

Human brain hippocampal tissues of control, Alzheimer's disease patient, epilepsy patient.

1.7. Data sets

  • PXD000395 for brain tissue (not yet released).

1.8. Special expertise

1.9. Major achievements

1.10. The neXt-MP50 challenge