C-HPP Wiki Workshop at HUPO 2013, Yokohama

I will make two tutorial workshop sessions on C-HPP Wiki, Monday and Tuesday (16 and 17 September) between 13:00-14:00 in the room 313 and 314 located at the 3th floor in the Pacifico Convention Center during HUPO 2013 conference.
During this tutorial I will make short introduction how to register and use the Wiki to provide information on the structure and activities of your chromosome team. Please bring documents, which help to provide this information. If you intend to participate please send an email to p.l.horvatovich@rug.nl mentioning your name, chromosome and day of participation (Monday/Tuesday). I excpect to have at least one participant form each of the 25 teams, but more participants per group are welcome as well. The list of participants for each day can be seen at the following page.

For reimbursement of your lunch bag, please bring your receipt. Jennifer Watson will reimburse your expense by taking the receipt on place.

The slides of the workshop can be donwloaded here.

Looking forward to see you on the Workshop.

Best regards,
Peter Horvatovich

Update from Jennifer Watson

Dear Chromosome Teams,

There are two opportunities to attend a C-HPP Wiki Tutorial. The goal is to have one member from each Chromosome team attend one of the tutorial sessions.

Monday and Tuesday, 13:00 – 14:00, Room 313-314

Bring your lunch or grab a bite to eat beforehand. Bring your receipt to be reimbursed up to 2,000 JPY. (Jennifer will have cash at back of room for this purpose from 12:50 – 13:10)

Where to find lunch:

1) Queen’s Square or Landmark Plaza – here you will find places with Japanese style box lunches as well as Western style cafes and fast food (exit convention center on level 2, turn left and cross the bridge into these shopping mall centers. You will come to Queen’s Square first). The Yokohama City Information desk on level 2 of the convention center has maps of both Queen’s Square and Landmark Plaza.
2) Cafeteria on the 6th Floor of the convention center (take the elevator). Opens at 11:30.
3) Restaurant in the Exhibition building (on the sidewalk level, one level above posters –end of building closest to convention center).
4) Restaurants in the InterContinental

Thank you!