C-HPP Update on 13 October, 2013

The C-HPP Update (as of October 13, 2013)

Your Action Items:

1) Please sign up to the 9th C-HPP Workshop in Seoul, March 26, 2014 by simply replying to this email ASAP. (to book your hotel room).
2) Please do some action items for WiKi update (see below).

Dear Colleagues

After having the great successful C-HPP meeting as well as HUPO congress in Yokohama, it is time for us to start planning on the next move for the C-HPP project. We are also very pleased to inform you that our ongoing C-HPP project moves very well, as indicated by the high quality manuscripts that have been submitted for the 2014 JPR special issue. To maintain this momentum for the C-HPP consortium, we would like to invite you to Seoul workshop and give you some guidance to next year’s major meetings as listed below.

  1. 9th C-HPP Workshop, March 26, 2014, Seoul National Univ., Samsung Convention Center, Seoul (see details for this meeting in Section 1).
  2. 10th C-HPP Workshop on Data Management, During the AOHUPO Congress, August 6-8, Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. 11th C-HPP General Workshop, During the HUPO Congress, Oct 5-8, Madrid, Spain

Taken together, we request you to respond to each item where appropriate, by replying to us upon receiving this email (no later than Oct 20)

Best Regards

Young-Ki, Bill and Gyorgy


Subject 1. 2014 9th C-HPP Workshop in Seoul: March 26, 2014, Seoul National University, Samsung Convention Center.

All PIs (or designates) are cordially invited to this workshop where many important issues will be discussed. We will support your local accommodations (two nights) with meals. Some of you may be interested in participating to the 2014 KHUPO Annual Conference to be held from March 27-28. Partial list of the agenda is as follows (draft 1). Details on the agenda will be available in the upcoming C-HPP Newsletter (in November issue No. 3, see below).
Your immediate sign up to this workshop is very much appreciated. (Already Committed are: YK Paik, WS Hancock, Juan Pablo Albo, Carol Nilson, Daniel. Figeys, Christoph Borchers, JY Cho, JS Yoo etc).

Agenda List (in Part)

  1. Contribution of each chromosome team to the major milestones in discovering missing proteins per chromosome: Updated status by each PI/Milestone paper publication plans
  2. Plenary talks by leading scientists (TBA)
  3. MRM standardization initiative for the C-HPP consortium: Progress Reports and Plan for the Big paper publication plans (by Christoph Borchers)
  4. Production and presentation of new integrated omics data in each chromosome paper
  5. Installation of Project Evaluation System for the C-HPP project: Web-based review system for SSAB members.
  6. Report on the Updated Info on the Major Resources (e.g., neXtProt, GPMDB, PeptideAtlas, Human Protein Atlas etc.)
  7. Planning on C-HPP activities in the Madrid Meeting (Oct 5-8) and AOHUPO Congress (August 6-8, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand).
  8. Wiki Update on each chromosome team
  9. Other important issues (JPR special issues in 2015; plan on the C-HPP Jamborees in 2015; ProteomXchange data submission etc) and more.

Your Action: Please sign-up this meeting by replying to us immediately or no later than October 20th.

Subject 2. C-HPP Bioinformatics Works.

We would very much appreciate if you kindly do the following action items ASAP. Special thanks go to Peter for his Wiki maintenance, Lydie for providing update info on the missing proteins, Emma for Ab update, Ron for GPMDB update and Eric for PeptideAtlas as well as thehpp.org web site job. Their dedication really makes our project vibrant and move forward. Thanks to them much again.

  1. Each team needs to update their wiki section ASAP (no later than Oct 30).
  2. neXtProt will supply the list of missing proteins which will be the starting point for each team’s project.
  3. Protein Atlas will provide their annual update early in December for new antibody information
  4. The chromosome teams will use 3 categories, Level1, provisional and missing. A protein will be moved to the provisional status based on GPMDB, PeptideAtlas, Protein Atlas or evidence acceptance for publication by a chromosome team and then moved to Level1 by the process administered by the Nextprot team.
  5. The wiki will provide updates based on discoveries as defined in item 4 for progress by each chromosome team in terms of 'found' missing proteins

Subject 3. C-HPP Organization Update.

  1. New EC member elected. In Yokohama PIC meeting, Juan Pablo Alba (PI of Chr 16 group) was unanimously elected as a new EC member-at-large (term: Jan 2014-Dec 2016) who will succeed Charles Lee (Co-PI of Chr 22 with Akhilesh Pandey). We warmly welcome him to the EC and anticipate his outstanding contribution to our consortium as an expert in bioinformatics.
  2. All other decisions and the project developments that were made during the Yokohama meeting or the post-congress session will be freshly brought up again in the upcoming C-HPP NEWSLETTER (No. 3) (to be published in late November).
  3. Your updated news on the project: if you have any updated info on your project (e.g., funding, publications, group meeting, new members & teams, plan for 2014 and after-e.g., Italian C-HPP group activity in conjunction with Milan Expo in June 2015), please contact Young-Ki before the end of October. This information will be posted in our next newsletter. In particular, almost 20 PIs told us where they are in term of funding for this project. Sharing this info will stimulate each PI to plan on writing a grant application.

Young-Ki Paik, Ph.D.
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