9th C-HPP Workshop in Busan

9th C-HPP Workshop in Busan (Haeundae Ocean Beach), Korea
(1st Circular, updated Nov. 26, 2013)

Dear Colleagues

As attached, we are very pleased to inform you that 9th C-HPP Workshop will be held in Busan (Haeundae Ocean Beach), the 2nd largest City in Korea, in conjunction with 14th Annual KHUPO Conference. Venue was recently changed from Seoul Samsung Convention Center to Novotel Busan because the KHUPO organizers have decided to hold the 14th Annual KHUPO Conference in Busan (at the Inje Univ. Haeundae Paik Hospital).
General Information on this workshop is given below. We have very good number of attendees (33) including PIs and their co-workers. In this workshop we are fully loaded with very exciting and important scientific issues, and policy for the consortium operation towards the 2nd year of the project (Sept 10, 2013-Sept 9, 2014).
All PIs of the C-HPP (one per each chr) are provided with local accommodations (2 nights, in principle) with meals. If any PI who won’t be available at this meeting would like to designate one delegate from his/her group members, we will also support this person. Other associates may take care of their own accommodations.

Agenda for the C-HPP Workshop (Ver 1) (with inputs from HPP leadership)

1. Contribution of each chromosome team to the major milestones in discovering missing proteins per chromosome:
-Updated status by each PI/Big paper publication plans; Written submissions from chromosome teams not able to attend.
-Cross-links with Biology and Disease-driven HPP teams.

2. Plenary talks by leading scientists (TBA)

3. MRM standardization initiative for the C-HPP consortium: Progress Reports and Plan for the Big paper publication plans (by Christoph Borchers).
-Note major output from B/D-HPP (Aebersold-ETH, Moritz-ISB) of SRM Atlas, PASSEL data resource for SRM datasets (via ProteomeXchange), spectral library and SRM proteotypic peptides for protein sequences by all of the 20,000 protein-coding genes; please examine available information for protein sets of interest for your chromosome and/or disease-related proteins.

4. Production and presentation of new integrated omics data in each chromosome paper

5. Installation of Project Evaluation System for the C-HPP project: Web-based review system; discussion of ways to assist C-HPP teams not so far advanced

6. Report on the Updated Info on the Major Resources (e.g., neXtProt, GPMDB, PeptideAtlas, Human Protein Atlas etc); consideration of contributions and limitations of additional sources, such as ProtAnnotator (focus on homologous genes/proteins and proteogenomics), Gene-centric Knowledgebase (Russia), Proteome Browser (Australia), CAPER 2.0 (China), HinvDB (Japan), GenomewidePDB (Korea), and any others.

7. Planning on C-HPP activities in the Madrid Meeting (Oct 5-8) and AOHUPO Congress (August 6-8, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand).

8. Wiki Update on each chromosome team; notification of schedule for update of neXtProt with inputs from PeptideAtlas, GPMDB, and HPA in spring 2014 in order to be available for preparation of manuscripts for JPR 2015 special issue and presentations for Madrid.

9. Resources and Reagents
Progress on common resources and a plan that provides resources to the reams such as antibodies, Reference samples, Analysis software and Storage databases

10. Other important issues (JPR special issues in 2015; Jamborees; ProteomeXchange data submission etc). Build a list of PXD identifiers for C-HPP datasets to assist all investigators; note PXD identifiers in Abstracts of JPR special issue 2014 manuscript that have experimental data.
-Recognize that many datasets have detailed information for every chromosome, even if the authors of the manuscript focus only on the relevant protein findings for their team’s chromosome.

  • If anyone wants to make update on their participants, please let us know as soon as possible (see attached list).


Best Regards

Young-Ki Paik, Ph.D.
Underwood Distinguished Professor
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