SUNDAY (9/17/2017)

O’Brien Center for Sciences, Univ. College Dublin

THURSDAY (9/21/2017)

HPP Post-Congress Day
O’Brien Center for Sciences, Univ. College Dublin
George Moore Auditorium
B/D-HPP EC Meeting
Room 2%%%C-HPP EC Meeting
George Moore Auditorium
Highlights from the Sunday Investigators meetings and the Congress
• Moderated by Mike Snyder

Topics discussed:
Wellness, Single Cell, DIA, Clinical Assays, Small volume, Speed BM Matthias Mann 1M ions and Need to get more qunatitative
Coffee & Tea
Status of the Missing Proteins neXt50 Challenge

Overall and all Chr teams, after teams’ report on Sunday. JPR special issue update.
Greetings / Introduction
HPP Overview

Gil Omenn

This presentation is available here.
Coffee Break
C-HPP session

Young-Ki Paik, Lydie Lane and Chris Overall
TAMPA Action Plans (neXt50, Bioinformatics, MP Functional Study)

Presentation of Young-Ki Paik is available here.
Presentatation of Christopher Overall is available here.
Organ-specific Popular Proteins (and Popular PTM-Proteins)

Liver (F. Corrales), CVD (J. van Eyk)
Kidney (T. Yamamoto)
• Data mining to prioritize disease related proteins (M Snyder).
Presentation available here.
B/D-HPP session

Jennifer van Eyk/Fernando J. Corrales
Coffee & Tea available in hall, no break time allocated

Presentation of Paolo Roncana is available here.
Lunch and informal discussion with SSAB

• N. Taniguchi, M. Snyder
Pillars session 1. Knowledge base

Lydie Lane.
This presentation is available here.
A Deep Dive on PTMs
Pillars session 2. Capture reagents-HPA

Jochen Schwenk
New Classes of PTMs:Functional Characterization, and Databases

• S. Weintraub, Intro
• Y. Zhao (crotonylation and related)
• J. Fert-Bober (citrullination)
• H. Yu (succinylation)
• P. Xu (ubiquitination)
Pillars session 3. Mass spectrometry

Sue Weintraub
This presenatation is available here
Nicki Packer
This presentation is available here.
New MS Approaches for Detection of PTMs

• R. Moritz. This presentation is available here.
Boxed Lunch: Take lunch and return
Panel on Future Directions

• Y.-K. Paik, P. Yang.
Presentation of Young-Ki Paik is available here and
of Pengyuan Yang is available here.
SSAB Panel for Progress and Future Directions for SSAB (members to be invited) Q&A

Cathy Costello, Leroy Hood, Michael Snyder, Mathias Uhlén
Timetable for Deliverables

• Status of JPR 2017 Special Issue 2017 high-impact articles: online as accepted, release in Dec 2017%%%• Other significant publications
• 2018 baseline metrics: PeptideAtlas 2018-01, neXtProt 2018-02
B/D HPP workshop

13:30–14:00 Popular Proteins
14:00–14:15 Eyeome - Richard Semba
14:15–14:30 Mitochondria - M. Fasano
14:30–14:45 Muscle skeletal-L.Ferrucci
14:45–15:00 Brain - Katrin Marcus
15:00–15:15 Extreme condition - E. Nikolaev
15:15–15:45 Cancer - Connie Jimenez
15:45–16:00 Rheumatoid disease - F. Blanco
C-HPP workshop
(Appendix 1)

I. 13:30-14:15 PIC Meeting
II.14:15-15:00 Cross Chromosome Strategy
III.15:00-15:50 New Plans
• Chr 3: Takeshi Kawamura
• Chr 6: Christoph Borchers. Presentation available here.
• Chr 19: Sergio Encarnación-Guevara
• Chr 21: Albert Sickmann
• Chr X: Yasushi Ishihama. Presentation available here
Evidence of Translation Products from IncRNAs or smORFs

• T. Wang: Potential lncRNA Translation Products
• Gong Zhang (Jinan Univ., China)
on Translatome-guided de novo Identification of Proteins
• Discussion: E. Deutsch and L. Lane.
Presentation of Eric Deutsch is available here.
Plenary Session

New Technology & Resource Sharing B/D and C-HPP
Light Reception and Conclusion
Shuttle transfer to CCD for Opening Plenary and Welcome Reception*

*Shuttle times arranged at 15:00 for those going to CCD for Council Meeting and 17:00 for Opening Ceremony

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Appendix 3

C-HPP Poster Session

Monday September 18, 10:00-11:00 Even Numbers, 15:30-16:30 Odd Numbers

Co-Chairs: Lydie Lane and Peter Horvatovich

Poster sessions are intended to showcase research in a format that is easy to scan and absorb quickly. This session is designed to facilitate more in-depth discussion of the research than is typically possible in a symposium format. Poster sessions will be held in Wicklow Meeting Room 2.

Session 1: 10:00 - 11:00, Monday, Sept 18, Chromosomes #-Even Number of Chromosome Teams (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, X, Y)

Session 2: 15:30 - 16:30, Monday, Sept 18, Chromosomes #-Odd Number of Chromosome Teams (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, Mitochondria) and Related Technologies (Pillars: Bioinformatics, MS and Ab)

  • Evaluation Team for the Best Posters: Lydie Lane and Peter Horvatovich will organize the evaluation committee for selecting the awardees.
  • Poster Awards (Cash Prize and Award Certificate Issued by HUPO President) will be given to 5 to 10 Best Outstanding Poster Presenters based on the merits of contents, significance of discovery and deliverables.
  • In addition to the C-HPP research subjects (e.g., mapping missing proteins, ASV, PTM on each chromosome), any papers related to common technology or resources applicable to C-HPP can also be presented. All eligible presenters (first authors or senior authors) should be one of the C-HPP members (PI, co-PI or participating members).
  • Posters should be prepared according to the guideline set by HUPO Congress organizer. Poster presenters will be expected to be available during the allocated Poster Session time on the congress program. The poster should be of A0 size, portrait style and professionally printed. Posters should not be mounted on a rigid backing as they will be displayed on poster display boards. Please note that all expenses for the design, printing etc. of the poster are the responsibility of the presenters. At the congress it would be useful to have a leaflet/brochure to give to delegates.

Presentation Guidelines (see details at HUPO 2017 web site)

  • The purpose of the poster sessions is to offer another type of opportunity to present up-to-date researches, new ideas, or best practices. Authors are requested to meet and discuss their work with interested parties on the days of presentation. Poster size should be A0 size (84.1 x 118.9 cm).
  • Preparation
    • The presentation number assigned to your poster must be placed in the upper left corner of the poster.
    • Be sure to include the Abstract Title, Authors’ Names and Affiliations centered at the top of the poster.
    • Use the headings “Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions” to identify the poster layout.
    • The text of your presentation should be visible from 3 feet away. Therefore, a large font (20 point or larger) for the primary text should be applied for, and an even larger font for headings.

DO NOT MAIL YOUR POSTER to the HUPO 2017 Congress venue but hand carry to the meeting site.

Click here to go the overview of C-HPP activities in HUPO 2017, Dublin.