14th C-HPP Workshop in Shanghai-Xiamen, China, May 20-21, 2016

Final Version Edited, May 14, 2016

Agenda for the 14th C-HPP Workshop Xiamen, China

  • Date & Venue: May 20-21, 2016; International Convention Center, Xiamen, China
  • CN-HUPO (Prof. Pengyuan Yang) and C-HPP Consortium (Prof. Young-Ki Paik)

Participants (as of May 14th, 2016):

Principal Investigators(17 Total):
Ping Xu (Chromosome 1); Lydie Lane (Chromosome 2); Yu-Ju Chen (Chromosome 4); Peter Horvatovich (Chromosome 5); Chris Overall (Chromosome 6; Co-Chair & EC member), Ed Nice (Chromosome 7); Pengyuan Yang (Chromosome 8); Je-Yuel Cho (Chromosome 9); Jong Shin Yoo (Chromosome 11); Ravi Sirdeshmukh (Chromosome 12); Young-Ki Paik (Chromosome 13); Fernando Corrales (Chromosome 16); Gil Omenn (Chromosome 17, on behalf of Bill Hancock; HPP Chair); Alex Archakov (Chromosome 18), Siqi Liu (Chromosome 20); Daniel Figeys (Chromosome 21), Andrea Urbani (Mitochondrial Chromosome)

Co-PIs (2) and Invited Speaker (1)

Soo Youn Lee (Chromosome 9); Paola Roncada (Mitochondrial Chromosome); Mark Baker (HUPO President) & Gil Omenn (HPP Chair)

Associated Members (>8)

Chromosome 11 group: Jin-Young Kim, Ju Yen Lee, Heeyoun Hwang, Gun Wook Park, Kwang Hoe Kim
Chromosome 13 group: Seul-Ki Jeong, Jin-Young Cho;
Chromosome 18 group: Victor Zgoda
CN-HUPO Members (TBA)

Friday, May 20th

Arrival and Registration

18:30-21:00: C-HPP Cancer Cluster Meeting

To explore the way how best our cooperative works can be activated and further developed, Cluster group meeting is organized as a part of C-HPP workshop in Xiamen. Since some of other cluster group members (e.g., IVTT, Membrane, and Reproduction etc.) appear to have some difficulties to come to the meeting, which consequently preclude organizing their own meeting in Xiamen, Cancer cluster is only one to be organized in Xiamen. However, we welcome anyone who is interested in this “a Pilot Cancer Cluster Group” meeting. Anyway, we plan to host all four cluster meetings in Sunday morning, Sept 18 (see “Document 3 for details) during the Taipei Congress.


Cancer group (Chr 1, 8, 20-Chinese team; Chr 9, 11, 13-Korean Team, Chr 12-India, Chr 7-Australia and Chr 17 USA), plus others (TBA)

1. Thematic Overview: Short Slide Presentations – Moderator: Young-Ki Paik and Siqi Liu

  • Dr. Ed Nice, Monash Univ., Australia
    Common mAb resources for Cancer Cluster Group.
  • Dr. Siqi Liu, Beijing Genome Inst, China
    Contribution of Genomics Platform to Cancer Cluster Group.
  • Dr. Heeyoun Hwang, KBSI, Ochang, Korea:
    Search Pipeline of Single Amino Acid Variants using neXtProt Database

From this session the presentation of Dong Yang is available in pdf format here. The presentations of Young-Ki Paik on Wokrshop Program is available here and on Report updates is available here. The presentation of Yizhi Cui (Qing-Yu He and Tong Wang) is available here. The presentation of Yang Liu and Zhennan Shi (Pengyuan Yang, Fei Lan, Fuchu He) entitled "Identification of Chr8-encoded beta-defensins in male reproductive system, and induced expression by epigenetic regulation" is available here. The presentation of Ed Nice on "Common Monoclonal Antibody Resources for the Cancer Cluster Group" in pdf format is available here. Presentation of Dr. Heeyoun Hwang is available here.

2. Open Discussion: Moderator: Gil Omenn
(1) Strategy for Cooperative Works on Mapping and Cataloging ASVs, SNP, Missing Proteins and nlc-RNAs that are relevant to Cancers: Open Discussion
(2) Joint project development of bioinformatics tools and DBs for Cancer Study (in collaboration with Cancer groups in B/D-HPP)
(3) Others –Resource sharing (Bio-Banks, Reagents, DBs, NGS analysis etc.)

Saturday, May 21st

08:00-08:15 Tea and Coffee

08:15-09:00 Greetings and Reports by C-HPP Leaders

Chair: Young-Ki Paik

Welcome Message: Prof. Pengyuan Yang
Update on the C-HPP Activity since Vancouver Congress (Young-Ki Paik, Chair). This presentation in pdf format is available here.
Update on the neXtProt (Lydie Lane, Co-Chair). This presentation in pdf format is available here in pdf format.
Update on the JPR Special Issue (Chris Overall, Co-Chair & JPR AE). This presentation is available here in pdf format.
Update on the C-HPP Wiki & Website (c-hpp.org) (Peter Horvatovich). This presentation in pdf format is available here.

09:00-09:40 Invited Special Lecture-1

Chair: Mark Baker

Gilbert Omenn, HPP Chair
Update on the Metrics and HPP Data Guidelines with Some Examples of Chr 17 Studies. The presentation of Gilbert Omenn in pdf format is available here.

09:40-11:00 Invited Sessions for the C-HPP Principal Investigators (I)

Chair: Chris Overall

Europe, North America and Australian Group (8-10 min max/each presentation)
Mitochondria (Andrea Urbani and Paola Roncada)
Chromosome 21 (Daniel Figeys). This presentation in pdf format is available here.
Chromosome 18 (Alexander Archakov: Victor Zgoda). This presentation is available here in pdf format.
(Targeted quantitative screening of Chromosome 18 encoded proteome in the blood plasma of astronaut candidates)

Chair: Lydie Lane

Chromosome 16 (Fernando Corrales). This presentation is available in pdf format here.
Chromosome 7 (Ed Nice). This presentation in pdf format is available here.
Chromosome 6 (Chris Overall)
Chromosome 5 (Peter Horvatovich). This presention in pdf fpormat is available here.
Chromosome 2 and 14 (Lydie Lane, with an introduction of Chr 14 group works led by Jerome Garin). This presentation in pdf format is available here.

11:00-11:20 Coffee Breaks

11:20-12:00 Invited Special Lecture-2

Chair: Gil Omenn

Mark Baker, HUPO President: Where are the PE2-4 missing proteins? This presentation is available here in pdf format.

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break and Special Presentation:

Chair: Peter Horvatovich

12:05-12:25 Jiashu Tang, Thermo Fisher Scientific Life Scientific Application
Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics in Chromosome Biology and Epigenetics. This presentation is available here in pdf format.
12:35-12:55 Dr. Wenhai Jin (Sr. Manager, Application Support, SCIEX)
Combining Next Generation Proteomics and NGS through OneOmicsTM to Investigate CTB Cells for Studying Placental Abnormalities. This presentation is available here in pdf format.

13:00-15:00 Invited Sessions for the C-HPP Principal Investigators (II)

Asian Group (8-10 min Max)

Chair: Fernando Corrales

Chinese Team:
Chromosome 20 (Siqi Liu and Colleagues)
Chromosome 8 (Pengyuan Yang). This presentation is available here in pdf format.
Chromosome 1 (Ping Xu)

Chair: Fuchu He

Korean Team
Chromosome 13 (Young-KI Paik)
Chromosome 11 (Jong Shin Yoo). This presentation in pdf format is available here.
Chromosome 9 (Je-Yuel Cho and Soo-Youn Lee). This presentation is available here in pdf format.
Indian and Taiwanese Team
Chromosome 12 (Ravi Sirdeshmukh). This presentation is available here in pdf format.
Chromosome 4 (Yu-Ju Chen). This presentation is available here and here in pdf format.

15:00-15:20 Coffee Breaks

15:20-16:30 Round Table Discussion on the Emerging Issues for the C-HPP

Planning on the C-HPP Activity during HUPO Congress

16:30-16:50 Wrap up and Conclusions

End of Workshop: Move to CN HUPO Plenary Lectures

Contact: For ProgramProf. Young-Ki Paik.
For Local Arrangement: Dr. Zhuoxin Chen.

Information to attend the CHPP Shanghai workshop 2016.

CHPP Shanghai workshop 2016 will be held at Xiamen in May 20-21th, in conjunction with the 9th National HUPO Congress of China in May 20-23th. The meeting location of CHPP workshop is in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. As a tradition of CHPP workshop, Chinese hosts would like to provide hotel room for three nights (May 19-21th, including 2 breakfast), and a dinner meat (19th), a lunch box (20th) and a banquet ticket (20th), all with free charges. We welcome all PIs can come to this workshop and enjoy your stay in the beautiful and exciting Xiamen. We would like to have your earlier confirmation so that we could send the invitation letter asap for your VISA application.

Xiamen, also historically known as Amoy, is a major city on the southeast (Taiwan Strait) coast of the People's Republic of China. It is administered as a sub-provincial city of Fujian province, with an area of 1,699.39 square kilometres (656.14 sq mi) and population of 3,531,347 at the 2010 Census. Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center is located on the southeast coast of Xiamen Island, with beautiful scenery and convenient traffic. It is across the sea from Little Kinmen Island and the straight-line distance between them is 4,600 meters only. Covering a total construction area of 230,000 m2, it includes Convention Center Phase I, Phase II, as well as an attached 4-star exhibition and business hotel. It is a large modern exhibition venue, which combines exhibition, conference, hotel, restaurant, tourism, advertisement and storage.

No. 198, Conference & Exhibition Rd, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, China.

Distance to airport:
Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (9.8 Km)

Conference Room

VIP Conference Room
International Conference Hotel Xiamen

We are going to stay International Conference Hotel Xiamen during these three nights. The hotel is nearby Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, which only takes 15 minutes walking to the conference room.

Hotel Lobby Xiamen Conference Center 5

Sea-view Room
Restaurant in hotel offers breakfast, lunch and supper.
The breakfast included in the room rate. The lunch or supper of a set meal with fruits and desserts buffet, costs 139rmb/169rmb/209rmb/259rmb +15% service charge.

Contact persons:
Zhouxin Chen
Pengyuan Yang

Best wishes.

Prof. Pengyuan Yang
Prof. Ping Xu
Prof. Siqi Liu
Prof. Qingyu He

Additional Information on the Airport Pick-ups and Hotel Accommodations

  1. Airport Pick-up Arrangements for all participants from outside China
    The local organizing committee (LOC) has arranged an airport pick-up services for all PIs (and co-PIs) from outside China.
  2. Hotel: The LOC booked rooms for all PIs and Co-PIs of C-HPP Consortium at.
    “Xiamen International Seaside Hotel” No. 199 Conference and Exhibition Road 2, Xiamen, Fujian, PRC Tel: +(86)-592-5959999-6008, Fax: +(86)-592-5995770. E-mail Web (English). Check-in time is 14:00, early check-in depending on the situation of room arrangement, check-out time is before 12:00 noon. Check-out after 12:00 noon, charge extra fee for half day, and whole day for check-out after 18:00.

Contact: For Program Prof. Young-Ki Paik. For Local Arrangement: Dr. Zhuoxin Chen.