Optional neXtProt service contracts for C-HPP teams and other research groups

Dear C-HPP members and scientists,

Since 2013, the neXtProt team has provided considerable personalized services for HPP (annual statistics, courses, sparql queries, data mining reports etc...). Up to now, they were providing these services for free, but they do have a cost, that increase the overall cost of keeping neXtProt running and up to date. Given the current financial situation where neXtProt is facing shutdown they cannot support all these supplemental costs themselves any more; this is why they are proposing that HPP teams opt for service contracts.
A template of such contract (CHF 5'000.- per year) is attached for your information. Obviously these contracts can be adapted and tailored to your precise needs.
Collectively the incomes from these contracts will help keep neXtProt online for the whole HPP community.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Lydie Lane and C-HPP EC

The template contract is available here.