Update on TPB January 2013

We have made several additions to the TBP website functionality, including the addition of advanced search options that:

  • filter for evidence levels in different data types,
  • filter for chromosomal location, and
  • filter for gene symbols or gene accessions

Additionally we have added a summary report that displays the number of genes in each quality category (green, yellow, red, black) for each data type, with generation of pie charts. This is dynamically updated using any filters that are applied to the traffic light, enabling some slightly more advanced analysis.

We have also improved the compatibility of TPB with IE8+, so now all functionality should display properly in all major browsers and are finalizing documentation and code annotation that should be available in the next few weeks, though part is already on the site.

We are planning to add the ability to download the underlying accessions of the traffic light genes in the near future, as this is an obvious requirement to make use of the filtering (e.g. download a list of the missing protein accessions for further analysis).

The advanced filters and summary report display is shown in the attached slides.

January 29, 2013, Rob Goode.