21st C-HPP Workshop in St. Malo, France, May 13-14, 2019

Scientific Program and Timetable (Final Program)

Train arrivals from Paris city center (Friday and Saturday) and Paris CDG Airport (Friday only)

10:58 14:14 16:54

Saturday 11 May

16:00-18:00Registration opens for early arrivals
17:00-19:00PIC meeting (For everyone else, enjoy the sea view with aperos)
20:00-Dinner at “Le 5” (F & C Hotel Penthouse – private event for C-HPP)

Sunday 12 May

Posters from the Chromosome teams will be on display for discussion during the whole symposium. During coffee, ~10 min focus poster talks will be given by presenters with discussion led by the moderator.

Welcome by Charles Pineau and Chris Overall
Session 1Update SessionMod. Mark Baker (HPP Chair)
08:15● Peptide Atlas Update and Guidelines 3.0 (Eric Deutsch, this presentation is available here)
● NeXtProt Update (Lydie Lane, presentation available here)
● neXt-MP50 Update (Chris Overall)
● neXt-CP50 Update (Young-Ki Paik)
09:15General Discussion. Mods. Eric Deutsch & Gill Omenn
10:00Coffee Break & Ch 1-6 Poster presentation (Mod. Gill Omenn)
11:00ProteinExplorer: integration of community-scale big data for assessment of protein existenceNuno Bandeira, UCSD, San Diego, USA. This presentation is available here
11:45Rob Moritz Ch6Abst 26. This presentation is available here.
12:05Enrique Santamaria Ch16Abst 15
12:25Hongjiu Zhang Ch17Abst 18. This presentation is available here.
12:45Tadashi Yamamoto Ch3+XAbst 4
13:00Lunch & socialize
Session 2Protein Functions and ApproachesMod. Young-Ki Paik
14:15Dark proteome: shedding light on localization and interaction of uncharacterized proteinsAnne-Claude Gingras – 'Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute,Toronto, Canada'
15:00Lydie Lane - Co-Chair C-HPP
15:20Young Ki Paik - Co-Chair C-HPP
15:40Heeyoung Hwang Ch11Abst 7
16:00Luis Felipe Clemente Velarde Ch16Abst 13
16:20General Discussion on CP50 Strategies. Mod. Young-Ki Paik
16:45Coffee Break & Ch 7 – 12 Poster Presentations (50 mins) (Mod. Gill Omenn)
17:35Alexander Archakov Ch18Abst 19. This presentation is available here
17:55Ravi Sirdeshmukh Ch12Abst 25
18:15The virtuous cycle of human genetics and mouse (and rat) modelsMarie-Christine Birling – IMPC, Strasbourg, France
19:00Informal exchanges between participants and apero
20:00Dinner at La trinquette (Saint Malo Yacht club)

Monday 13 May

Session 3Protein function: in silico approachesMod. Lydie Lane', The presentation is available here'
09:00Exploring the dark side of the human proteome using the ProteoRE platform (Abst 11)Yves Vandenbrouck, CEA Grenoble, France
09:45Cecilia Lindskog Ch14Abst 10
10:05General Discussion on in silico Approaches
10:20Coffee Break & Ch 13 – 17 Poster Presentations (35 mins) (Mod. Chris Overall)
10:55Cristina Ruiz-Romero Ch16Abst 14
11:15Jin Young Cho Ch13Abst 9
11:35Chengxin Zhang Ch17Abst 17. This presentation is available here.
11:55Ekaterina Ilgisonis Ch18Abst 20
Session 4Protein Function: Structural Biology & CrystallographyMod. Charles Pineau
12:15How structural biology contributes to uncover biochemical functions of putative proteinsMijram Czjzek
Roscoff Marine Station, Roscoff, France''
13:00Lunch & Socialize
14:00 – 17:30Free afternoon
18:45Meet at Seaport – Boat departs to Petit Bé (high tide). Be very very punctual!
19:00 –Dinner on Petit Bé
Return to mainland by walking over the strand (low tide, so no strandings)

Tuesday 14 May

Session 5Strategy Session Mod. Eric Deutsch
09:30Bridging C and B/D HPP to define the biological context of human proteins PTM (Abst 12)Fernando Corrales Centro Nacional de Biotecnología , Madrid, Spain
10:00Olfactory Receptors and membrane proteinsMark Baker (this presentation is available here)
10:05General Discussion on Membrane Protein Challenges(Mod. Eric Deutsch & Mark Baker)
10:25Coffee Break & “Telomere” Ch Poster Presentations (50 mins) (Mod. Gill Omenn)
11:15Je-Yoel ChoAbst 6
11:35Camille Mary Ch2Abst 2
11:55Peter Horvatovich Ch5Abst 23
12:15Translating Terminomics Data to a nM Molecular Corrector of a Human Mutant ProteinChris Overall
12:35General Discussion and Meeting Wrap Up Chris Overall. Presentation of 23rd C-HPP Workshop, Saint-Petersburg in May 22-26, 2020 by Alexander Archakov is available here.
13:05Lunch & Departure

Abstracts are available here.

Train departures to Paris city center (Direct): 13:35 16:39

Train departure to Paris CDG airport (via Rennes): 13:35 -> arrival 18:06 at Terminal 2

Free afternoon

Monday 13 afternoon will be free so that participants can freely discuss about the Dark Proteome while discovering the gorgeous surroundings of Saint-Malo. Participants will have an appointment later in the evening on the seaport to embark for Petit Bé.

Gala Dinner

The gala dinner will take place on the island of Petit Bé and promises to be an exceptional event.

The Petit Bé

The island of Petit Bé and its fort are located a few hundred meters from the ramparts of Saint-Malo. The fort was built in the seventeenth century. It was part of a defensive belt designed by Vauban and intended to protect the city of Saint-Malo from attacks by English or Dutch enemy squadrons. This belt also included Fort National, Fort Harbor, Fort La Conche, Fort Cézembre and the tip of the Varde (the latter two were destroyed) and the city walls itself. The fort was built by engineer Simeon Garangeau. It consists of a large platform, a building on three levels and two bastions and could accommodate up to 160 soldiers to serve 19 guns and 2 mortars. It was classified as a historic monument in 1921, but is abandoned until 2000, when the city signed a lease with an association for its renovation and its opening to the public. Its restoration was finished in 2012. The Petit Bé is accessible on foot only at low tide.

Scholarships from national Proteomics societies:

National proteomics societies will offer scholarships to participate to the 21st C-HPP symposium. To apply, you must indeed be a member of a national society. Please check detailed instructions from your national society. A cover letter explaining your interest in the C-HPP for your project and why you want to participate in our symposium will certainly be required.

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