Chromosome 6

1.1. Group composition

Participating country(ies): Canada
Head: Robert Moritz
Members:Christoph Borchers
Christopher Overall
Leonard Foster

1.2. Missing proteins

Protein evidence according to NeXtProt for Chromosome 6:

1.3. Bioinformatics protocols

1.4. Analytical protocols

1.5. Biological projects

1.6. Biomaterials

1.7. Data sets

1.8. Special expertise

The exact position and N-terminal chemistry of a protein chain often define the biological activity of a protein. The Chris Overall group, UBC has unique expertise in defining the N (and C-termini) of proteins by proteomics. By analysis of common and rare human tissues the Overall Lab is annotating the N-termini of proteins of Chromosome 6 and other chromosomes for the HPP. Thus we are identifying:

  • Co-translational derived mature original N-terminus
  • Post-translational cleavage derived stable cleavage chains
  • Annotation of +/- Met, site of signal peptide removal, zymogen activation
  • +/- Acetylation, other modifications
  • Alternate start sites
  • Archetypical N-terminal peptides
  • SRMs to quantify amounts of cleaved vs. uncleaved
  • Neo-epitope antibodies to biologically important protein chains directed to the N or C termini after cleavage

1.9. Major achievements

A review of the chromosome 6 project has been published, link
Borchers et al., 'The Human Proteome Organization Chromosome 6 Consortium: Integrating chromosome-centric and biology/disease driven strategies', Journal of Proteomics 100 (2014), 60-67.

1.10. The neXt50 challenge