Bioinformatics Telephone Conference January 16, 2014

Agenda points

  1. JPR special issue update, 2014 virtual issue and 2015 special issue (Bill)
  2. Update of submissions to Proteomexchange and release of data sets (Juan Pablo Albar or who?)
  3. Discussion of metrics table in 2014 Special issue (Gil)
  4. Proposed categories for protein identification – missing, provisional, green and/or gold
  5. Process for Wiki to reflect progress in finding missing proteins for each chromosome (Peter)
  6. Nextprot update (Lydia and Amos)
  7. Protein Atlas update (Emma Lundberg)
  8. Bioinformatics Jamboree in Bangkok within the 6-8 August period (Young-ki and Peter)

Minutes and supplementary files

  1. Summary in an excel sheet of the submissions to ProteomeXchange/PRIDE performed untile now.
  2. Audio registration of TC can be listen here (flash should be installed) or mp3 file can be download here.